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Video Packages from Inspired Children

The Warwickshire Early Years Hub has secured a well renowned ‘National’ speaker to deliver training across Warwickshire, Ben Kingston-Hughes (Inspired Children, winner of ‘National Playwork Awards - Training Award 2019’) is a well-established independent consultant, speaker and trainer specialising in the early years and understanding the importance of early child development.
We hope you will see these exciting events as an opportunity to listen to and learn from a very inspiring individual who we have the pleasure of working with us and for you.

Ben Kingston-Hughes is a national award-winning trainer and Managing Director of Inspired Children Ltd.
He has worked with children for over 30 years and has twice appeared on television working with vulnerable children.
His transformative training has been mentioned by Ofsted as an example of outstanding staff development and his distinctive blend of humour, neuroscience and real-life practical experiences make his training invaluable for anyone working with children.
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Ben's new book - A Very Unusual Journey Into Play is now available to buy - 
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