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Bespoke - cost is for a Bespoke Session not per delegate.


The Write Dance training sessions are aimed to help guide young children with form and shape when it comes to writing letters and words.


Write Dance was created to provide opportunities to improve movement and develop the particular skills they need to improve their handwriting.


The method involves music to help build confidence and keep children interested and motivated.

It is a fun way to help improve learning and teaching and has a range of benefits and pros.


Some of these benefits are;

* Helps improve handwriting via new ways of motivating and encouraging children with writing.

* Hands-on, active learning with music and movements.

* Helps improve physical development such as balance and coordination of writing.

*The children learn to balance the eyes and the 2 halves of the brain leading to a better physicaland psychological health.


What is Write Dance?


In the past people took more time ensuring their handwriting was neat by writing slowly and with discipline creating an individual style. Over time this has more or less disappeared as writing has become a thing to be done quickly, and we no longer write as often due to technology and the ease of a keyboard taking over.

Write dance is about finding the rhythm and energy in the coordination of their writing. This is done through different themes that explore the basic movements, pressure and speed that make up our letters.


Music is one of the main contenders in the write dance approach, children remain more interested through the use of music and it is the motor that kick starts the body and the intellect.


After a while the children will unconsciously begin to find their own rhythm in accordance to the music.

The movements used throughout write dance are simple shapes such as big circles and again add to the development of motion and rhythm in terms of writing letters.


There are also rhymes or stories at the beginning of each activity, this helps set a theme for the children and for the teacher to follow and relate to. It is said that the voice and rhyme also helps with the rhythm and development of the handwriting.

Bespoke - Write Dance

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  • This is a Bespoke course for your setting, Time and dates to be agreed upon booking.

    Cost - twilight session 2 hours, £140

    The training will be held at your setting.

    Once payment is received you will receive a confirmation email of your payment and booking.