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The Nature of Nurture – Practical Attachment Theory

Understanding attachments is the fundamental key to unlocking children’s emotional well-being and overall development. Existing training never really seems to grasp the practical applications of this fascinating subject. Until now! This is the course on Attachment Theory that people who work with children really need. Developed and delivered by leading national specialists in working with vulnerable children this course helps us to directly support the children in our care to make those all important secure attachments providing    benefits that could last a life time.


Attachment theory is the psychological approach to understanding those initial interactions and relationships we have with our children. Difficulties with attachment are common and affect up to 40% of our children, so being able to recognise and support effective attachments is key to protecting all of our children. The dysfunctional emotional and interactive strategies that result from insecure attachments can lead to long term mental health issues.


This practical course looks at the latest theories of attachment and how we can directly apply these to support our children to make secure attachments. The course looks at the difficulties facing children with  insecure attachments and how this may manifest in their behaviour and attitude. We also look at worrying trends in parenting such as increased screen time and decreasing face to face nurturing which are leading to more and more children with insecure attachments. The course highlights a series of positive interventions and experiences to help children feel nurtured and emotional secure.


The course also shows the stages a child with insecure attachments must go through to form positive bonds with an adult carer. This course is thought provoking, insightful and could have a profound impact on the children in our care. It is all very well knowing the theory but this course shows us what we can do with that theory to improve outcomes for our children. One secure relationship built with a firm understanding of attachment theory can be enough to   reverse the effects of all of the other difficult attachments that may surround the child. All it takes is that one person and this is the purpose of the course – to help practitioners be that person.


Practical Attachment Theory- The Nature of Nurturing

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