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Bespoke - cost is for a Bespoke Session not per delegate.


Introduction into First Aid for Children (2 years onwards)
Learning 'Vital Skills for Life'
This training is aimed to create an interest in first aid and enhance children's confidence performing basic first aid skills.
It is taught in a calm and clear way which helps children become more risk award and equips them with 'vital skills' to keep themselves and others safe in a first aid emergency situation.
The way children retain important is amazing, so it is ideal to begin training at an early age to make it part of everyday life.
If children are given the skills required to deliver first aid, they could potentially save a life, so it is clear to see why they should be taught these lifelong skills.  
The is bespoke training so can be tailored to suit your settings needs.
30 minute session ~ £50 (Max 10 x students)
Bespoke 30 minute session ~ £75 (Max 10 x students)

Introduction into First Aid for Children (2 years onwards)

  • This is a Bespoke course for your setting, Time and dates to be agreed upon booking.

    The training will be held at your setting.

    Once payment is received you will receive a confirmation email of your payment and booking.