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Inspiring Imagination and Creativity

Inspiring Imagination and Creativity – How we use the neuroscience of imagination to help children thrive.

Imagination is often undervalued, rarely supported and almost always prioritised as less valuable than academic disciplines such as literacy and mathematics. The truth is that imagination is profoundly important not just for the development of an individual child but for our species as a whole.


This thought-provoking online session examines imagination in a new light as a unique function of the human brain that is vital for the emotional, cognitive and neurological development of every child and the fundamental building block for all other aspects of higher learning. The session gives a wealth of ideas to help prioritise and support creativity and demonstrates how we can use the latest neuroscience of imagination to unlock the potential of a child’s upper brain.


Bringing in elements such as divergent thinking, creative problem solving and loose parts play, this unique session takes learners on a fascinating journey into what makes humans different to every other animal on the planet. We also look at the inestimable therapeutic benefits of imagination play and how we can use it with our most vulnerable children to transform their lives especially if they have been through negative experiences during the Covid19 crisis.


This online session is an essential look into the transformative power of imagination and is suitable for anyone working with children from babies all the way through early years, KS1 and beyond.



Inspiring Imagination and Creativity

  • The live stream will be held on Zoom, currently there are 15 places, but this maybe reviewed due to demand. You wil be sent an invite to the Live stream, this will be an interactive session where you will be able to ask questions.

    Date: Wednesday 12th May 2021

    Time: 9.30am-12.30pm

    Cost £35.00 per person

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