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We have had countless requests for more training on “how children learn” so we have developed the ultimate course on CoEL delivered in our unique style with a wealth of practical insights to dramatically improve outcomes for children.


The Characteristics of Effective Learning are the ‘how to learn’ parts of our curriculum document and as such are vital to a child’s long-term career as a learner. The old adage goes ‘Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach a person to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.’ This is the approach we must take with our children. Giving children knowledge helps only for them to learn what we have given them, however, teaching them how to learn themselves will develop the skills that will underpin their ability to engage with knowledge and develop understanding for their rest of their lives.


This course will explore how these characteristics present within our children’s play and will be linked to both the psychological and neurological processes that affect effective learning and development. Practitioners will reflect on their current provision and audit the experiences and opportunities they offer the children to extend each of the characteristics and will return to the setting with sound and implementable strategies to improve the outcomes for their children. While most practitioners understand the Characteristics of Effective Learning, providing these seamlessly alongside the areas of learning is sometimes seen as a juggling act. This course will help you sensitively maintain the balance and support children to become excited, enthused and engaged learners for life.





Characteristics of effective learning

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