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My name is John Simpson.  I have Asperger Syndrome. Over the last five years I have delivered presentations at over 100 conferences, seminars and groups to change people's beliefs, expectations and approaches to autism spectrum conditions.


Informative, Innovative, Insightful, Inspirational


Autism is one of the most common, yet one of the least understood, conditions faced by parents, carers and professionals across a range of fields. People with autism have the potential to achieve more than most people would dream possible, but the behaviours of autistic individuals can be at best confusing, and can at worst be terrifying. It can lead to intense distress for parents, supporters and most of all the individuals themselves. Often many or all of the people involved feel unable to provide the support they would like to give, due to a lack of understanding of both the individual and autism as a whole.


"He has a remarkable ability to understand the difficulties that autistic people encounter when trying to live in a neurotypical world!"

 Lesley Kilshaw

Consultant Psychiatrist in Learning Disabilities (Child and Adolescent)


This Talk is really useful for any families that attend your setting who have members of their own family with associations within the autism spectrum. Highly Recommended!


An Insight into living with Autism

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