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Emma Kimberley

Emma’s career in early education spans over 23 years, teaching in KS1, Reception and Nursery and includes roles as a Phase leader, Foundation Stage Coordinator and Nursery Manager. Emma has also worked as a Leading Teacher across the Foundation Stage and KS1 advising practitioners. More recently she has gained experience of managing a Nursery unit, expanding provision to include 2 year olds and has supported colleagues through coaching, mentoring, and providing training.


Emma has always been driven by her desire to build partnership with parents, practitioners and other agencies to gain positive outcomes for the children. During her teaching career Emma has led many new initiatives to support the development of these partnerships and when working in Coventry her efforts and commitment to this were acknowledged, when she received an award for being ‘An Inspirational Teacher.’


Emma is passionate about laying 'firm foundations' in the Early Years, so that all children particularly those that are disadvantaged , have the best start to statutory schooling. She has special interests in developing children’s language and communication skills, the curriculum and working in partnership to achieve positive outcomes for all children.


Emma has vast experience of developing stimulating learning environments both indoors and outdoors, which are not only centred around children needs and interests but also support and extend children’s learning too. Emma enjoys collaborating with other people to find practical solutions and embraces challenge with positivity and creative approach.

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