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Teacher and Pupil

Specialist Roles 

Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) & Early Years Lead Practitioner (EYLP)

EY Specialist Leader of Education  (SLE)

An SLE is someone who provides support as an expert in their field to any school or setting seeking specific EY advice and guidance to help improve practice. Requests for support can come direct from schools/settings, from the WEYH Aspiration Networks or from the LA. Deployments will usually last from between1-3 days and can be spread over a wider timeframe. These will include direct, focused support in areas specified by the organisation needing support, or can be to facilitate training.  SLEs also play a role in the EY Aspiration Networks; helping to improve engagement and supporting the leads. Training is provided to SLAs to assist them in role. 



Early Years Lead Practitioner (EYLP)

This is a specialist role for those in a non-teacher position and similar to an SLE.  EYLPs share their expertise and experience with colleagues in other settings to develop their capacity and EY knowledge. EYLPs work with Early Years providers who have identified a need for development in their provision, for example, looking at the learning environment, the curriculum or family support. EYLPs use a range of strategies to address the area of focus effectively. Some of this will be mentoring and coaching (including for new and emerging managers.) Other aspects may be providing systems and documentation, building a knowledge base and sharing best practice. Successful deployments will show impact on those receiving support; leaving them empowered and able to develop early education further themselves.



For both the SLE and EYLPs role there is a requirement to carry out at least 1 deployment within 2 years to remain designated. 


One recruitment round takes place for each role every term. 

The timetable for submission of applications is set out below for 2023-2024.


Autumn term:      Monday 23rd October to Friday 10th November 2023

Spring term:        Monday 5th February to Friday 23rd February 2024

Summer term:      Monday 20th May to Friday 7th June 2024



For more information about how to apply and for an application form, please contact the WEYH on


Guidance documents which set out details on the role responsibilities, application requirements, types and frequency of deployments and interview processes can be found below:

WEYH Early Years Lead Practitioner Role Guidance 

WEYH SLE Handbook 2023-2024

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